It’s definitely that time of year to start reminding everyone about sunburns and how to prevent them. Spring makes me so happy – but because the weather is gorgeous and we’ve been cooped up for so long we forget we need to be mindful of making sure we’re using our sunscreen and NOT letting ourselves get sunburned. We’ve got a whole series on what sunburns are, how to prevent them, and for Pete’s sake, if you get one, what to do about it! Without further ado – here we go!


A sunburn is when the skin has been overexposed to sun, or UV lights. It can happen when the skin hasn’t been protected or has had prolonged exposure to UV light. Sadly, most of us have experienced a sunburn at least once in our lives, & it’s a pretty miserable experience. The pain, tenderness, even blisters & peeling is NOT anything we ever want to have happen again! ⁠

☠️The Bad News: ⁠
There is a whole slew of things that can occur if you don’t protect your skin such as: ⁠
☢️Weakening of connective tissues, which reduces the skin’s strength and elasticity⁠
☢️Deep wrinkles⁠
☢️Dry, rough skin⁠
☢️Fine red veins on your cheeks, nose and ears⁠
☢️Freckles, mostly on your face and shoulders⁠
☢️Dark or discolored spots on your face, back of hands, arms, chest and upper back – sometimes known as “sunspots”⁠
☢️Eye Damage⁠
☢️Precancerous lesions⁠
☢️Skin Cancer⁠

🥳The Good News: ⁠
You can prevent sunburns!! Check out the entire series for more information on things you can do to protect your skin & prevent sun burns!⁠

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