We aren't fans of having a lot of "rules" here at The Bombshell, but we feel it's important you're aware of a few policies we do have in place, to ensure the best experience possible!

We are blessed to love what we do at The Bombshell, and feel very fortunate to offer our services, but, are not a hobby or side gig. It is our full time profession, our livelihood, and we make many financial and time consuming investments outside of the hours we work with guests in the studio, in order to provide you with the best quality services possible!


We understand that life happens! Should you need to cancel less than 36 hours prior to your reservation, or do not show up for your appointment at all, we will need to charge 50% of your service booked.

With the fact this is our livelihood, as well as the fact that we have a lengthy waitlist, and cancelling less than 36 hours prior to your appointment makes it difficult to get others in.


No Call/No Show or Late Cancel (within 36 hours of scheduled appointment time) = 50% charged of service value.

Please bring your form of payment to your appointment as we do not process payments through our checkout system unless required by violation of this policy. The fees will need to be paid before any other appointments can be booked.

Depending on the season, and circumstances, you may be asked to pay a booking fee. This fee is half of what your requested service is. It will be taken off the total at your service, however if there is a vioaltion of the late arrival/no show policy, it will be forfeited.

Late Arrivals: 

​In the event of a late arrival, although we really want to be able to take care of you, we also respect the time of the guests who have appointments following yours. Should you arrive late, you may forfeit a portion of your service or your services all together. It will depend upon your arrival time, as well as what services you have requested. If you know you're going to be late, please call ahead, and let us know, so that we don't worry about you!

Why is this important?

Because our services require preparation prior to your service, any cancellations less than 24-48 hours prior to your service dramatically impairs the ability to fill your time slot.


While love kiddos, we do ask that children are not brought to any appointments. It is against regulations to have children unattended or in any spray tan rooms, unless the child is receiving a service, with a parent’s consent and presence.


We currently do not have a "waiting area", so please do not bing anyone with you that does not have a scheduled appointment.


We are currently unable to provde a restroom for public use, so please be sure to use that facility prior to arriving to your appointment.


We welcome you to purchase gift cards! Gift cards expire 5 years from the date of purchase and may used towards services or products. They can be purchased in studio, or online and you may request physcial cards or e-delivery. Reach out with any questions!

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