First things first: Rapid & Express are interchangeable terms used to describe a type of sunless spray tan solution that allows for faster rinse time. Second of all – there’s a HUGE myth I want to clear up. This is in reference to your tan RINSE time. NOT your tan DEVELOPMENT time.

This option totally sounds super cool, especially if you’re a veteran to spraying and you’re not a fan of sitting in your solution for 12-24 hours, or sleeping in it. BUUUTT… there are a few things you should know.

  1. You’ll arrive to your appointment like normal – clean, exfoliated skin.
  2. We will spray you like normal. (Nope, sorry – no circus tricks needed!)
  3. Your artist will advise you on proper timing of the rinse once its been discussed what your desired outcome is.
  4. You’ll head home (or wherever) hang out and chill for recommended time and then you’ll hop in the shower and RINSE. Yes – JUST RINSE. No soap or lotion and be sure to use luke warm water.
  5. You’re gonna get out of the shower and want to call me to tell me your tan just rinsed down the drown and I’m going to say, you betcha you feel that way! It’s COMPLETELY normal to feel like you have what would be considered a “faded tan”. DO NOT WORRY! That’s normal!
  6. Your tan takes about 24 hours to develop to its fullest depth, so if you feel like you don’t see much color coming through after your rinse, don’t panic – that’s totally how it should be!
  7. You’ll see the color you love beginning at about 12 hours post session, and fully developed 24 hours post spray.

I know this helps to understand more about the difference between the development times of sprays for you… but as always, if you have any questions – reach out!

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