First things first! Here at Sunless By Bombshell we SPECIALIZE in Sunless Tans ONLY. That means no tanning beds that could possibly result in that nasty c[ancer] word. We believe in providing our guests with the safest alternative (and convenient) possible with our sunless only approach.

Whether you to achieve your faux glow in our booth or with one of our professionally trained and certified technicians, your results will be flawless! Let’s chat a little more about what th difference ACTUALLY is between our 2 options.


  • Applied by a trained technician with a specialized spray gun. (Don’t worry – it’s not like your dad’s spray gun that’s been hanging out in the garage all these years!)
  • The color is completely customizable to you specific desires and skin tone. We even have the ability to utilize a rapid rinse formula, clear or bronzer options, too!
  • You will be guided into the correct positions by your educated technician so that we can work together to ensure perfect coverage.
  • Our custom tan includes: a single use prep mitt (to ensure the skin is properly prepared for the tan), odor eliminating spray (no caption needed for that!), drying powder to help eliminate the after-tan sticky feeling, and any disposables needed.
  • We will wipe down palms and nails, too!


  • Your color choice is applied by an automated booth with stationary spray nozzles that moves vertically up & down the body. The booth will tell you when to move into your next position.
  • Color options are inclusive but are limited to: light, medium or dark, in addition to the rapid rinse option as well.  You may also choose instant color or clear – that will allow your tan to gradually develop as opposed to instant gratification with the bronzer or instant color option.
  • Instructions are easy to follow, we will be sure to give you proper position education PLUS there is a cheat cheat inside the booth with you, in case you happen to forget!
  • ALL of our booth options include a hydration session to help ensure proper moisture levels on the skin and help to “set” the tan.
  • The booth will utilize a drying setting, so that you can avoid having to wait to dry off.
  • Our booth is heated and we even offer a space heater in the room during the chillier months to keep you as comfortable as possible!
  • Disposables as well as supplies to wipe down palms, feet and nails are provided.

With both options, we take pride in the fact that we will coach you through your session, and we’ll provide you with post tan care education so that you can be assured your tan is going to look flawless and LAST!

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