When I initially got into the spray tan world, I didn’t believe I needed to offer sunless tanners. I mean – duh… if I offer sunless tanning products to my guests, they wouldn’t need me anymore, right? WRONG!!!! Sunless tanners and spray tans are BOTH equally important, but for different reasons. Let’s go over how you can decide if it’s time to make your sunless appointment or if a sunless tanner application is best for you!

When Should You Get A Spray Tan? 

Get yourself a actual spray tan if:

You have a wedding or big event happening. | Family pictures/photo shoots – even before and afters! | If you’re wanting an even tan, especially around the hands & feet. | Going on vacation/work trips. | To feel pampered and taken care of. | For an extra pick me up and added self confidence. | When you just want to let someone else do the “thinking”.

When is a good time to choose a self tanning product?

Self tanners are great – when you know when to use them!

When you need some last minute color. | Want to try out different shades. | Need a quick pick me up. | When you’re not able to get to the studio/middle of the night panic needing color (you know what I’m talking about!!) | To touch up areas of your spray tan that may have faded | Add a little extra color to your facial moisturizer for an extra hint of glowing color. | For an extra pick me up and added self confidence.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to utilize either sunless option, and both are so worth it!

We’ll talk more about proper application of self tanner, but until then, check out our Sunless Store for self tanning options and of course, reach out if you have any questions!

Email: SunlessByBombshell@gmail.com

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