Awesome! You’ve made your appointment for your spray tan, but now what? What do you do, or not do for that gorgeous, long lasting, glowing color??

Here’s a list of some basic, but super important do’s, don’ts & why’s of spray tanning:

Do: Shave & {gently} exfoliate the night BEFORE your tan. Don’t: Use soaps or lotions 24 hours after your tan. Why: Shaving & exfoliating the night before helps to allow us to tan the most healthy skin cells possible – your skin needs the time you are at rest to completely rejuvenate itself. All tans take 24 hours to fully develop and putting any kind of soaps or lotions on the skin during that time is frowned upon as the tan may not develop properly.

*be sure to use recommended brands and DEFINITELY AVOID: Dove, Dial and Olay brands.

Do: Bring or wear dark loose fitting clothing.  Don’t: Wear tight fitting clothing after your session. Why: wear dark, loose clothing and avoid anything tight fitting so that your tan can totally develop, without having to worry if it might rub off onto your favorite t-shirt, or worse, create an “accidental” tan line because your sports bra has rubbed the tan off.

Do: Complete all beauty treatments and services PRIOR to your session. {preferably 24-72+ hours prior} Why: Depending upon the service, your skin needs time to rejuvenate, or in some cases like pedicures, or hair appointments, the tan could be rubbed off or water/products could come into contact with the tan and create unevenness of color. If you’re not sure – always reach out to your spray tan artist & they will guide you in the proper timeline of services!

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