🚿Shower Tips 101🚿

You may not know this, but there are a few tips that will help you keep your #fauxglow looking better, longer – and they all surround your shower regimen!

  • Do NOT shower immediately prior to your sunless session
    • Avoiding showers 6+ hours prior to your tan allows your skin to come back to neutral ph levels and will let the skin soak up the solution properly. Otherwise you risk your skin being “filled up” with water, and not making way for the solution to develop evenly.
  • Rinse at the time your artist suggests for you
    • Whether you’ve chosen our classic or express solution your artist will tell you when to rinse. Rinsing to early or too late can make that tan look unnatural!
  • Use lukewarm water during your showers
    • Warm water only! Hot water will remove that fresh tan and you will be a sad pup! **also avoid hot tubs, baths and chlorine for the same reason.
  • No soaps or lotions for the first 24 hours after your tan
    • Soaps or lotions before the 24 hour mark can inhibit the development of your tan, resulting in unevenness. So, while we want you to hydrate, avoid it until your development time is up! (24 hours post sesh.)
  • Proper products are important
    • AVOID using brands like Dove, Dial and Olay. While they may tout they are so good for your skin, the ingredients in them are NOT spray tan safe. Using products that aren’t safe for sprays is asking for dry skin, premature fading of the tan or uneven tans. We suggest using shower gels like our Sunless By Bombshell Body Wash, and avoiding body scrubs until you are ready to remove your tan and start over.
  • Pat dry, don’t rub
    • Rubbing your skin dry after shower can “rough up” the skin, hence sloughing off your gorgeous tan prematurely. So, be careful and pat, pat, pat!
  • Hydrate twice daily (after your 24 hour mark)
    • Once you’ve reached the 24 hour mark of your spray tan session, hydrate with one of our recommended lotions to ensure that skin is good and hydrated! Because, hydrated skin is tan skin.
  • Bonus Tip: Hydrate from the inside out by drinking LOTS of water both prior, post sunless sesh!
    • We all probably need to be drinking more water anyway, but making sure we are hydrated from the inside out WILL make a huge difference for that tan, too!

It’s my honor to help you make the most out of your tan, so by taking these tips into consideration, I know your tan and skin will be thanking you!

Got more questions? I’d love to answer them: Feel free to reach out!

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