Our goal at SBB is to make you feel like the bombshell you are – at your convenience!

We welcome your groups & teams both in studio and on location. With 2 artists and 2 styles of tanning, we pride ourselves in being able to help you get your glow on, however it works for you.

Obviously, we can’t bring our booth to you, but with a few items from you, we can bring our custom tans to your location – especially if you have a large number of tans needed at one time. Trish has traveled with a well known fitness competition tanning company so she has the knowledge to ensure we’re protecting your physical location, too!

We are also excite to now offer pop up events. This is an opportunity for businesses and groups to add more value to their events & business. This is a little different than our on-location opportunities, in the fact that we will also help promote your events/business and take appointments. We will conduct ourselves as if we are an extension of your business, therefore, helping you to add even more benefits to your company.

Groups & teams are welcome and we even have sponsorship opportunities available – just reach out and we’ll work together to ensure we’re creating value and convenience for you!

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