Hair Removal
Obviously, shaving and waxing are things that need to be taken into consideration when planning for your sunless session.⁠ Keep in mind both of these forms of hair removal are considered exfoliation, so clearly, you will want to be sure to complete these processes PRIOR to your spray. ⁠But what about shaving AFTER your sunless sesh??

When shaving AFTER your session, keep these things in mind: ⁠

  • Always use a brand new razor⁠
    • You’ll eliminate pull on your skin that could end up in slight removal of your color
  • Avoid moisture strips on the razor if possible⁠ *those little white lines above your blades
    • It’s just more thing that can “drag” along your skin and create lines within your faux glow
  • Use as little pressure as possible⁠
    • Being gentle will keep from creating too much exfoliation, resulting in losing less of your tan overall
  • Products matter
    • Be sure to avoid anything with parabens or sulfates in them, and avoid creams. oil free moisturizing body wash is best.
  • NO waxing after your tan
    • If you love a good wax or sugar sesh, we hear you! But PLEASE don’t do that AFTER your session with us. That’s a sure fire way to strip that tan right off. If you must, do it 2-3 days PRIOR to your sunless appointment.

Taking these tips into consideration when scheduling your tan will help you elongate the life your tan, therefore making you a happier camper – longer!

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