People, people, people. I get this question and see this all the time on forums and even from some other artists claiming to provide it.

“Do you offer ORGANIC spray tans”?? Short answer: NO. Long answer: There’s no true such thing.

The definition of organic is: “derived from living organisms”. The active ingredient in any spray tan solution is: dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It is a colorless powder when added to solutions and can be created from natural sources like sugar beets, sugar cane, or fructose . If it didn’t get mixed and mashed and all that jazz (chemically), you’d end up with a yellow/orange tan result – every. single. time. you spray. Yes, that happens sometimes, but there’s another reason that happens, it’s not the actual solution. Do you really want an organic spray tan that will ALWAYS leave you an unnatural color?  Although DHA comes FROM a living source, the USDA does not recognize DHA as “organic.”

DHA reacts to the amino acids in the skin on the epidermis layer creating a chemical reaction resulting in the brown pigmentation you see as a result of a spray tan therefore, spray tans are can NOT actually organic. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a solution that has been certified “100% organic” or even “organic” (95% of the ingredients in the solution would have to be derived from living sources).  In fact there are no 100% organic solutions on the market due to the organic certifying organizations don’t recognize DHA as organic. And. Did you know that to be able to advertise an organic product, it must be certified by the USDA?? Sorry friends, there are folks out there saying they have organic solutions = meaning, they have organic INGREDIENTS in their solutions, but it’s pretty hard to find actual, certified organic solutions.

There may not be 100% organic solutions on the market, but there are what we consider to be “clean” solutions. You better believe that’s what we offer our Bombshells. Our solutions are naturally derived and certified vegan by PETA. They are also paraben free, erythrulose free and fragrance-free. Making sure you get the best of the best, even if it’s not 100% organic is tops in out book!

Long story short, there aren’t ORGANIC spray tan solutions, but you certainly CAN have lots of yummy, organic & natural INGREDIENTS in your sprays for better, longer lasting results!

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