You’ve been learning lots of great things with our #TanLegTips “series”! Now that you know what to do, check a few of the things you should NOT do to achieve bronze legs:
🚫🚿ᔕKIᑭ TᕼE ᔕᕼOᗯEᖇ: Do not shower immediately prior to your sunless session. Showering too close to your appointment time can “fill up” your skin with water, thus not allowing the solution to be fully absorbed. (This is one reason we say to shower, shave & exfoliate the night before.) If you MUST shower the day of your tan, be sure to use as cool water as possible, and shower as far away from your appointment time as possible. Do not shave that day & avoid the use of soaps & lotions if you must shower the day of.

🚫👖ᗩᐯOIᗪ TIGᕼT ᖴITTIᑎG ᑕᒪOTᕼIᑎG & ᒍEᗩᑎᔕ: Wear or bring dark, loose fitting clothing to your session. Tight fitting clothing like leggings, jeans & sports bras can rub your fresh gorgeous tan off, before it’s even had a chance to develop so once your sunless sesh is complete, wear comfy clothes for the next 24 hours

🚫🛀 Once you’ve gotten your #fauxglow (or glow of any kind, really) avoid pools, spas, baths or any body of water that you might spend an extended amount of time in. (Think, sitting on the side of the pool, dangling your feet in the water.) If that’s how you roll, keep in mind, that may fade your tan faster so be sure to keep a bottle of self tanner handy – it will help even out the color!
🚫👣 No pedi’s directly prior or after your sesh! I love a good pedi as much as anyone, and my fav part is the massage. The bummer part of that is that if you get your pedicure the day of or after your tan, the massage, lotions & oils used can create a barrier on the skin that won’t allow the solution to penetrate the skin properly, or will rub that tan right off. So, be sure to get your pedi the day prior to your tan and your legs and feet will be stunning!
Now – be sure to get your sesh booked to enjoy the fruits of all that you’ve learned & gorgeous, glowing legs!

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