Now that we know the WHY behind why legs tan at different rates than other parts of the body, let’s talk about HOW to fix that with some easy tips!
E᙭ᖴOᒪIᗩTE: You should always exfoliate thoroughly but gently before (24 hours, or the night prior to) any sunless session. This process helps to remove dead skin cells, allowing for an easy path so the sunless solution can easily work with your melanin to create that healthy glow.
ᑭᖇIᗰEᖇᔕ: Primers are going to allow for the skin to be properly prepared at your session. They come in a variety of methods to apply to the skin – typically mitts or lotions. They both help to ensure even color, longer life span of your tan, and deeper color.
ᗰOIᔕTᑌᖇIᘔE: I can’t stress this enough: HYDRATED SKIN IS TAN SKIN. Since the skin on your legs tends to be drier than skin elsewhere, proper hydration levels will keep those legs tan, longer! Be sure to moisturize AT LEAST twice a day. This helps in keeping those legs (and everywhere else) hydrated, and less likely to to exfoliate itself prematurely from being dried out. Doing this without a tan will also help FUTURE tans, too!
Tᗩᑎ E᙭TEᑎᗪEᖇᔕ: In addition to keeping your skin well moisturized, you should also consider a tan extending lotion. This might seem like an extra, unnecessary step, but it’s absolutely worthwhile. These lotions will help extend the life of your tan, and help keep the legs looking tan longer, & “match” the rest of the body, while also ensuring your skin is able to retain its tan color. HOT TIP: while using a tan extender/self tanner: Utilize a blending mitt! This little gem will protect your hands from turning colors AND will help gaurentee more even coverage.
ᗪOᑌᗷᒪE ᒪEG ᔕEᔕᔕIOᑎ: Consider upgrading to a double leg session in the Versaspa booth OR mention wanting more leg color during your custom session. We will work together to achieve a gorgeous {leg} tan, that will last!
**Of course, we have all the items you need for a gorgeous tan in salon – or online. Just reach out and we’ll be happy to get you set up with the proper products you need!

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