Socks. I know it sounds absolutely insane we are talking about socks in a spray tanning blog – but it’s a thing! Especially here in Iowa, where it can get pretty cold. Ya figure “oh, I can wear my warm fuzzy socks and my Uggs – it’ll be great and I’ll be warm.”

But actually – yes, you’ll be warm – but all that warmth and those socks rubbing around your ankles isn’t a good thing at all. See, what can happen is your feet start to get warm, maybe even a little damp {sweaty} from being all cozy, then your socks start rubbing that fresh tan off due to the restrictiveness and friction of those socks and BAM! Now we have a sock tan line that no one ever expected.

Here are some tips to avoid the dreaded sock tan line.

  • Wear ONLY your Uggs (or similar), or sandals – no need to double up on socks & warm shoes. If it’s raining, or snowing – boots and no socks are acceptable!
  • Avoid all tennis shoes/athletic-type shoes (to eliminate the need to wear socks)
  • If you have remote start on your vehicle, utilize that feature on your way out of the studio to help stay warm
  • If you do wear socks to (and from) your appointment, grab one of our tan extenders & blending mitts in case you need to buff out any “tan lines” after your first rinse

Again, we know that socks and spray tanning don’t seem like something that needs to be talked about – but we are here to  think of  “all the things”, so you don’t have to!

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