📄Timeline of Beauty Appointments: Wedding Edition📄

👰🏼Wedding season is approaching and you need the deets on what your beauty timeline should be!

✅Trial Tan: Just like hair and makeup, you should plan to get a trial spray 2-3 weeks prior to your big day! This will give you the confidence that your tan is perfect. During this appointment, we’ll talk about all the things you envision for your total look, and of course your tan. Getting your trial tan helps you to know what to expect, service & color wise.

5️⃣Days Prior to Wedding: All waxing & skin services should be completed by this day. (Check out @barebeautybodywaxing if you’re in need of an amazing waxologist!)

3️⃣Days Prior to Wedding: Get those fingers and toes glammed up! Be sure to have nail services complete the day BEFORE your sunless session. It’s best to do these service the day before your tan so that all the lotions and scrubs can be absorbed into the skin and have time to dissipate. Doing nails AFTER a tan can either rub the new tan off, or create the environment for the tan to not develop properly or evenly.

2️⃣Days Before Wedding: IT’S TIME!! We should be the last stop on your beauty to-do list. We strongly suggest this, so that your tan can have the proper time to develop and you don’t have to worry! And besides, don’t you just want to sit back for a bit and enjoy the time with your friends and family?

Some other random tips:

Be sure to grab a few bridal tan must-haves:

  • Finishing Powder: Setting powder for your body! This will help reduce rub off in areas like the underarms and bra lines. Just pat it in to the areas that sweat or rub the most, to eliminate the fear of sweating your tan off prematurely.
  • Tan Extender: I call this the cheater of our products. It’s going to help moisturize but also add a touch of color. So, if you have some areas that have rubbed off, or you just want to deepen your tan just a touch, this is a must have!
    • Of course, the beauty of these products is that you can use these with to without a tan, so you can enjoy them almost daily if you choose!

Most of all, have fun, remember to eat and just enjoy the day!

Got more questions, or ready to book your wedding tan? Reach out: SunlessByBombshell@gmail.com

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