Do you know how to protect your skin + sunless tan???

Did you know that by using a {lotion} SPF, you can not only protect your skin, but your spray tan, too?

🚫Spray tans are NOT base tans, so you need to be sure you’re protecting your skin at all times. Using a sunscreen that is a lotion base, and doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates or tons of preservatives are the best option. (We Suggest South Seas SPF.)

🏊🏽‍♀️Hanging out in the ocean, pool or hot tub? Slather on the SPF, too! The chlorine & salt in the water will fade that tan much quicker, so using said SPF will help create barrier between your skin and chlorine & salt water.

Here’s another piece you need to know: If you get a sunburn, know that is obviously going to dry out your skin. Dry Skin is a no-go with sunless, as well. So, if you have had a sun burn, do everything you can to heal & protect your skin (I’ll save that info for another blog.) but do NOT try to blend a sunburn in with a sunless tan. It will just create more havoc!

Another big tip I have is: STAY HYDRATED.  I say it all the time: Hydrated skin is tan skin! Hydrate from the inside out by drinking TONS of water, and make sure you’re using a recommended hydrating lotion to use twice a day!

What other tips can I provide you with? Stay safe, stay hydrated and don’t burn that skin, friends!

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