❓Do you know how to *properly* prepare for your spray tan??❓Let me break it down for you!⁠

Shave, & gently exfoliate w/ our {fav} Kessa Mitt⁠ – this ensures that we will have the healthiest skin cells possible – creating a longer life span of your tan. PLEASE do not shave or exfoliate right before your tan – it can create unwanted streaks as your skin won’t have time to “rejuvenate” itself.

Complete mani’s & pedis, or any beauty services⁠. I’ve had too many guests tell me they are going for beauty services AFTER their tan, and while we do have tricks to help, I can’t guarantee you tan will develop properly.

Drink lots of water! This helps your body to be well hydrated – helping with even color development! ⁠

Avoid showering if possible (do NOT come right out of the shower – give your skin a MINIMUM of 4-6 hours to “dry off” before coming to your sesh, if you must shower.) ⁠

🚫NO soaps, lotions, deodorant, perfumes or makeup⁠

Wear or bring dark, loose fitting clothing to wear home⁠

Applying our Finishing Powder to areas like the insides of elbows, neck & knees help to avoid the sticky feeling while processing and decreases the chances of skin to skin friction that can result in non development of the tan in those areas.

Continue your water consumption

Avoid moisture while processing (no showering, sweating. getting wet or tight fitting clothing until at least your first rinse⁠)

Refrain from using soaps or lotions for 24 hours⁠

Hydrate twice a day after your first 24 hours with our SBB Hydrating Lotion allows for your skin to remain well hydrated. When you skin is well hydrated, your tan will last even longer!  Be sure to continue drinking your water so that your body will be hydrated from the inside out as well!

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