🐊Alligator Skin🐊

Once in a while, towards the end of your tan, you may notice what we call “alligtor skin”.. It’s when your tan seems to start cracking. No, something isn’t wrong with you – it’s likely the care of your tan.

Here’s how to avoid it:

  • Be sure to shave and exfoliate the night before your tan. This helps to ensure that we are tanning the healthiest skin cells possible. *Tip: Do NOT shave the day of your tan – it can create unevenness therefore, creating less than desirable results.
  • Avoid using products like Dove, Dial & Olay. Also, avoid artificial fragrances or products high in alcohol content. The high alcohol content and fragrance actually does the OPPOSITE of what you think will happen – it dries out your skin and strips it away prematurely.
  • Drink LOTS of water: hydrated skin is tan skin & it starts from the inside!
  • Moisturize twice daily (after your first 24 hours after your tan) to ensure hydration from the outside!
  • Avoid hot showers – the heat can dry out your skin and can fade your tan – so this is double detrimental!
  • Speaking of showers – when you’re drying off, be sure to pat dry, don’t rub. Rubbing your skin will slough off all those beautifully bronzed skin cells!

I’m sure these tips are going to help you confidently care for your Bombshell Bronze Spray Tan!

Questions? Reach out! sunlessbybombshell@gmail.com

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