I know, I know - if you've never had a spray tan or you have but haven't superb results or experiences, you may be leary of getting one. BUT. I'm here to be the spray tanning MIST-Buster!!⁠

🍊Not a fan of the O-word? No worries: One color does NOT fit all, so we will custom blend the perfect solution for you!⁠

👃🏽After tan scent or stickiness bum you out? GOTCHU!! We include odor eliminating spray & finishing powder to set that tan which helps to prevent after tan smells + stickiness. ⁠We also pride ourselves in using high quality solutions which also helps prevent that unpleasant after tan scent, too. 

Lay out in the sun? Ummm, Friends, wouldn't you prefer a safer alternative? Let's work together to prevent premature aging, and the possibility of the c-word! ⁠

💪🏽Concerned about being nude? Nahhhh... We are a judgement free zone + you're going to tan in whatever clothing you feel comfortable. (Bottoms are required, FYI!) ⁠

🚫 Bronzer on clothes or sheets a worry? Bronzer transfer is inevitable, but you have 4 options: wear dark clothing & use dark colored sheets, choose a clear or express rinse solution option, or purchase our Bedtime Bronzie and slip into that at bedtime to prevent bronzer transfer on your sheets + you'll be confident that your solution absorbs into your skin, not your sheets!

As you can see, we take every step to help you feel as comfortable as possible both in our studio and when you leave so you can be sure your results are MISTI-fying! 😅⁠

❓Did you learn something new about spray tanning today? Let's hear it! ⤵️

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