We've all been there: we're so excited to have gotten our spray tan, and them you (or someone else) notices that "after tan smell"... Gah! Let's break it down so you can prevent it from happening next time.

  • Prep Properly
    • I probably sound like a broken record, but I really can't stress this enough: proper prep is the key to avoiding most of your tan snafus. 
  • Quality Ingredients
    • The ingredients in your self tanners and solutions play a big part of why you have that not so great after tan smell. Using high quality ingredients (and minimal ingredients as well) will help towards avoiding that dreaded stench.
  • PH Matters
    • The PH in your skin is another factor that can lead to undesirable results with your tan, too. Things like, end color result, length of tan and/or smell can be affected by your skins PH. Again, proper prep on your part helps with that. While we can't change a ph level in a matter of minutes, we can try by including a special prep mitt in your sunless service, too! 

Some people are still just very prone to the after tan smell, but I hope we've helped give you some ideas on how to make it better!

Be sure to check out our large selection of prep products on our website and we can't wait to see you for you next sunless sesh!  

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