🥇Best of the Best 2020🥇{& 2019}⁠

One of my greatest accomplishments as a business owner has been to earn the title Best Of The Best from the local paper,  the WCF Courier. ⁠

The Cedar Valley votes every year on who they think goes above and beyond to provide their guests with an exceptional service and experience. ⁠

I’m proud to say we’ve earned your trust & votes, and we’ve been voted the Cedar Valley’s Best of the Best (in the tanning category) in 2019 & 2020!⁠ We will always pride ourselves in going above and beyond to continue to learn how we can best take care of you.

While honors like these are amazing, I still remain humbled by the PEOPLE that come to our studio(s) & share pieces of themselves with us. For that we are truly grateful. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our business through the years – we can’t do what we do with out YOU!

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