Spray Tan Certifications: Some have them, some don’t.. But they MATTER.

It’s no secret: anyone can pick up a spray tan machine and call themselves a “spray tanner”.⁠ There seems to always be a new “artist” that has popped up. While I believe  competition is healthy, I highly disagree with just picking up a gun and thinking one can do what some of us have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to learn how to do. In my opinion, becoming a spray tan artist is a 3 piece puzzle: talent, knowledge (or education) and practice. I have been spraying (and learning) since 2012 and since then have been trying to shut down the myth that spray tans are undesirable for some reason, and my biggest worry is that uneducated artists are still bringing a “bad name” to spray tanning as a whole. THEREFORE, knowing your artist is certified is going to help you not only feel at ease, but also get the results you desire!

As an artist we learn and need to know:

  • Types of solution – bronzers, no bronzer, rapid, regular – the list goes on
  • Undertones of skin and solutions how each of those affect the tan
  • What the Fitzpatrick scale is and how it is a tool in color choices on your guest
  • ⁠How to troubleshoot issues, how to work with different types of skin & how to perfect posing – which is an important part of spraying a streak free tan.
  • How to use our equipment properly
  • How to keep our space clean and sanitized and not cross contaminate tools
  • During this time, it’s also important to know how we can respect our guests health
  • How to be professional and help you feel as comfortable as a possible as our guests.

At SBB, it’s top priority that you know we are committed to you and your results. We have multiple certification from different companies – some are HUGE certifications, some are “mini” certifications – all because we believe we can never learn enough about how to create the best results for you! Trish specifically has received several master spray tan certifications – and you receive these by putting the time in. She has also traveled the country helping to teach and train other beauty industry professionals, but STILL commits to being a part of continual trainings. SO many new things come out as time goes on – we want to be sure we have the best available for our bombshells!

As always, feel free to reach out and ask any questions you might have!

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