Vacations + Spray Tans: What you need to know!

Spray tans are always welcome when you're headed on vacation, but like anything - there are things you need to know before packing those bags! 

☀️ Schedule your tan appointment as close to 24 hours prior to departure as possible⁠.

☀️ Salt water, sweat, chlorine & hot tubs will fade you tan super fast. Limit your time in the pool/ocean to 15 minutes at time. Immediately rinse with clean water to avoid drying the skin out. Be sure to pat dry - do NOT rub your skin! I always say that if you want to remove your tan, go ahead and hop in the hot tub. Otherwise - avoid it at all costs! It will literally take any tan off in a matter of minutes. 

☀️ Spray tans are NOT base tans, so making sure you slather on your SPF is going to save you a lot of pain and your skin! Our favorite is Sun Bum ⬅️⬅️ We are the Cedar Valley's LOCAL retailer! (Available online and in studio.)⁠

☀️ Hydrate - Ensure proper hydration from the inside. The physical act of traveling, time in the sun, adult beverages🍹, & being active increase the need for more hydration! So drink up, friends!

☀️ Hydrate on the outside! Using a sunless safe lotion twice a day helps to keep that skin stay moisturized and GLOWING!⁠

☀️ Love that tan & skin a little more: Use our fave Tan Extender starting on day 3⁠ to give that tan a little extra punch 👊🏽 of color + moisture! ⁠

☀️ Body Wash - avoid hotel soaps. These are NOT meant to love on your skin! Be sure to use soap MADE for sunless to ensure a proper care foundation! Don't forget we offer sunless safe body washes you can use with or without a tan!! ⁠

Good stuff, right?? What question can I continue to help answer for you?? Drop them in the comments, or reach out:

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