"You live, You learn, You UPGRADE." ⁠

Yes my friend - you can absolutely upgrade your spray tan experience!⁠

While we are all about making sure *all the things* are included in your service, there are a few upgrades that aren't included, and you can choose to add them on, if you want! ⁠

To preface: our classic spray tan requires it to be left on for a minimum of 8 up to 24 hours. It comes in a wide range of colors and options. Express or Rapid solutions are left on anywhere from 1-4/5 hours depending on the depth of color you desire. ⁠

✨ Express {Rinse} Solution // Our "regular" rapid rinse solution. Perfect for anyone that doesn't want to leave their solution on for 8 or more hours.

✨ Sweat Friendly Express {Rinse} Solution⁠ // Talk about an upgrade to your upgrade! This is our favorite solution to use on anyone that sweats regularly. When you sweat, other solutions / tans will sweat off. This revolutionary solution allows you to sweat THROUGH your tan! 

**Express solutions are NOT rapid developing. They only allow you to RINSE sooner than normal. They still require 24 hours to see the full color of that tan and we still ask to refrain from using soaps or lotions in that time frame. 

✨ Rejuvenating + Hydrating Treatment⁠ // Rejuvenate & sooth the skin while sealing in the sunless experience with a custom blended, proprietary moisturizing, skin firming & anti aging blend. This treatment can be utilized after a sunless session or all on its own, just to add an extra element of healing & moisture OR as a way to jump start the healing process if you've overexposed the skin. 

✨ COMING SOON: Contouring // Contouring is an advanced & specialized spray tan technique that helps to enhance & define different areas of the body, such as the abs, waist, booty, chest, clavicle bone, and face. Contouring can be done on ALL body types. We are scheduled to take an intense, highly sought after training early this year to bring you the BEST contouring services! 

So, tell us - what upgrade(s) are you requesting?!?

As always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! trish@bombshellgloco.com

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