No Sweat Self Tanning Mousse


No more worrying about sweating ruining your perfect self tanning glo with our sweat friendly self tanning mousse!  This revolutionary mousse allows you to sweat THROUGH your tan, vs sweating it OFF.

Because this is one of our rapid rinse options, you can choose the level of darkness based on how long you leave it on for. 

1 hour = super light | 2 Hours = light | 3 Hours = medium | 4 Hours = dark | 5+ Hours = Ultra Dark

Includes 4.2oz Bottle (minimum 2+ applications)

Add a self tanning mitt (recommended for best results) for only $6 more. 

Details: Once applied and rinsed*, allow to continue to develop for the next 18-24 hours by not using any soap or lotion, and trying not to get sweaty during the development time. Once you hit that 18/24 hour mark, you'll be golden and free of worry! 

*When you rinse, you may feel as though your tan has washed away. Don't worry, that's normal - it WILL come back! The sweat friendly factor begins once it hits the 8 hour mark, so no sweating until after it's been applied after 8 or more hours!